Satisfied Clients

Venture Title is always professional, courteous and a delight to work with and there is no other title company we would prefer to use. They go out of their way to make each settlement happen on time and at our convenience. Other title companies may be larger, but no one can compare to Venture Title's customer service.
Mike & Crystal Glanden
Glanden Construction, LLC

The Settlement Process

Delivery of a Contract of Sale, loan approval letter or a preliminary telephone call to our office begins the settlement process. A file for your transaction is opened, the title is ordered and your closing is scheduled with all parties, including your lender and realtor, if any. One of our settlement officers will contact you for authorization to order a location drawing, if needed. Your realtor and/or lender will be in contact with you to order various certifications such as the termite report, well and septic certifications and fire/homeowners insurance. Within a day or two of settlement you will be contacted by your settlement officer informing you of the amount of money needed to complete the purchase. It will need to be brought to settlement in the form of a cashiers check, although wire transfer is preferred.

After all of the documents have been signed, and all money has been disbursed at the settlement table, you will be given copies of everything in a closing package. These documents should be retained by you. Our office also keeps copies as a part of our file.

Your new deed and any loan documents are then recorded in the county in which your property is located. The original recorded deed and your owners title insurance policy are sent to you by this office. The recorded loan documents and all supporting papers are sent to the lender.

Your file remains open until all loan releases are recorded for the Seller. It will then be a part of our permanent closed files.