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Estimating Your Costs

Settlement Costs are made up of the following categories: settlement fees charged by Venture Title; title insurance premiums; transfer and recording costs; and, charges and expenses required by the mortgage lender. The expenses required by the lender vary considerably depending upon the individual situation. The other expenses are predictable and the following tables and Venture Title's online estimator provide a good estimate of them.

Settlement Fees

Below are rate schedules for a residential purchase to help you estimate Venture Title's fees for your settlement. Print these for reference or use our online estimator to calculate your fees now!

(Includes title search, escrow and recording service)


Title Insurance

Title Insurance protects against future losses arising out of events that have happened in the past. Title Insurance places the assets of an insurance company behind the title to your home. If attacked, the title will be defended without cost to you. You will be reimbursed for any financial loss incurred up to the face amount of your policy.

Title Insurance cover hidden hazards not covered by any other type of title certificate such as:

  • forgery
  • incompetency of grantor
  • unknown heirs
  • fraud
  • impersonation

One-Time Premium is small, Protection is great.


$3.89/$1000 of purchase price


$50.00 w/ purchase of owners'

Lenders’ Only

$2.78/$1000 of loan amount

Rates decrease as the amount covered increases.

Transfer and Recording Costs

Transfer taxes and recording costs are set by the State of Maryland and the County in which your property is located. Following is a guide for estimating these costs on investment or unimproved property (recording costs will be less if property is occupied as a principal residence or sold to a Maryland first-time home buyer as principal residence).

Talbot County

2.7% of purchase price

Caroline County

2.00% of purchase price

Dorchester County

2.25% of purchase price

Queen Anne’s County

1.99% of purchase price

Kent County

1.66% of purchase price

A recording fee is charged per document and must be paid to the County Clerk.

We at VENTURE TITLE COMPANY will gladly answer any questions pertaining to your particular transaction. PLEASE CALL US.